We get asked a lot of questions about a range of things when it comes to pianos. Below you cna find some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, head over to the contact page or ask us on Facebook.


How often should a piano be tuned?
We recommended that a piano should be tuned every 8-12 months for optimal sound. If you need a piano tuning, let us know and we can help.


What should I look for in a piano?
As a pianist, there are two main factors you should consider. The first is how does it feel. A piano should feel comfortable to play and feel nice as you press the keys.

Secondly, the sound. Once you have a piano that feels nice to play, you then want it to sound nice. This is how we recommend you buy a piano, especially if it’s your first.


I’m haven’t been playing that long, what sort of price range should I look at?
A second hand piano can range from €800-€1,500. A new would start at around €2,800.


What is the life span of a piano?
In reality, a piano can be a lifetime investment. They are made to stand the test of time. There are obvious things over time that will need to be changed such as the hammers, strings, soundboard etc.

These will degrade over time but the length of that time is determined by the condition it is kept in, how often it is played and the environment it is in. In general, we say that a good quality piano can last anywhere between 40-60 years.


Are acoustic pianos an investment?
Yes. The above answer will help answer this question.


Do pianos come in different finishes and styles?
Yes, the most popular finish by far is Ebony (black). Most manufacturers offer various finishes and styles to suit everyone.


Can I learn piano on a keyboard?
In theory, you can learn to play on keyboard. However, the keys on a keyboard are vastly different to those on a piano.

The touch and response factor between the two are great.

People who learn to play on a keyboard are more likely to give up than those who learn to play on a piano as the technique is completely different.


Can I learn to play piano on a digital piano?
Yes, but only to an extent. You’d definitely be better off learning a an acoustic piano, but digital piano will help you get started, and will be a lot more beneficial than a keyboard.

A digital piano will give you the basic understanding of piano playing, but due to an acoustic piano being able to have up to 5,000 moving parts, it’s easy to see that the range of tone is much more vast than a keyboard or digital piano.