Piano Removals

Pianos removal has been part of  Maloney Pianos business for over 40 years.  We are well experienced efficiently moving pianos, locally, nationally, and internationally.

There are important steps to assure safety and efficiency when moving a piano.  Measurement and calculations make the move safer and faster.  Upright pianos should be transported in the vertical position and grand pianos are transported in the horizontal position so the keys and action and strings inside the piano are not damaged.

Our removal team use ramps, dollies, and professional piano cover when loading and unloading your piano.  When we deliver a piano to your home we take pride in our professionalism.  For this reason, all our crews use blankets and foam to cover your floor thus protecting your carpet, tiles, or wood floor.

If you are thinking about piano removal and are worried about how you will get it into your home, give us a call and an experienced member of our team can discuss options on how we can safely ensure efficient piano removal to your home.

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