Collard & Collard Baby Grand Piano


This piano was manufactured approximately 1940.  We just love this era of piano manufacturing, as so many of the Uk's finest craftsmen and technicians were employed at the Collard & Collard Piano Company. The result of this craftsmanship presents to us a piano today that is in superb playing condition which is a testament to those who created this wonderful instrument. This piano boasts a beautiful mellow tone and yet a rich bass which which will satisfy the musician seated at this piano.


As this piano has been tuned to Concert Pitch, our tuner was delighted to note that the tuning pins are tight and all strings and the internal components of the piano action are in pristine condition. Probably one of the reasons that this particular piano stands out from so many of that era, is that the external body work is flawless and its mahogany cabinet is an ideal item of furniture as well as piano that will be an asset to any home.

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