Gaveau Baby Grand Piano



A 2022 restoration and rebuild by master craftsman Tim Jackson. After several months in the workshop this stunning Walnut instrument is now reborn to former glory and looks as good as it did when it originally came out of the Gaveau factory in 1907. Restrung, new tuning pins, with refinished soundboard and frame, case resprayed and brass restored to new. Tim has paid great attention to detail and this is one of the finest rebuilds we have ever had in our showrooms. A true family heirloom, rare and beautiful.

Gaveau of Paris is a highly regarded French piano manufacturer. The company was established by Joseph Gabriel Gaveau in 1847 in Paris and was one of the three largest piano makers in France (after Érard and Pleyel). Its factory was located at Fontenay-sous-Bois. There piano were built of the finest woods and materials and were world renowned for their great sound quality and touch. Some Gaveau pianos were constructed with art cabinets.
In 1960, Gaveau merged with Érard. From 1971 to 1994 Gaveau pianos were made by pianoforte manufacturing company Wilhelm Schimmel. The brand is currently owned by Manufacture Française de Pianos, the same company that owns the Pleyel and Erard brands. Today, Manufacture Française de Pianos manufactures certain models under the Gaveau name.
Fully restored, internally reconditioned and rebuilt
Re-strung with quality German Roslau strings, brand new tuning pins
Frame removed, stripped and guilded, frame felts replaced
Case stripped, sanded and sprayed in several coats of high grade polish
Internal mechanism stripped, cleaned, reassembled, aligned and centred
Hammer heads resurfaced/reshaped and toned for better sound quality
Strings, agraffes, pins, bridges, hitch pins, frame and soundboard cleaned
All brass works removed and finished to a mirror shine on a spinning wheel
Key tops whitened using bleach and ultra-violet light, keys levelled and dip adjusted.
Piano price includes stool,warranty ,tuning and delivery.

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