Hopkinson Baby Grand Piano


John Hopkinson originally established his firm in Leeds in 1835 as “J. J. Hopkinson”. In 1846, John Hopkinson took his brother James into partnership, forming the firm of “The J. J. Hopkinson Piano Company”, and the firm was moved to London.  Hopkinson was one of the larger English piano manufacturers during the 19th Century.
We at Maloney Pianos are delighted to have in stock this beautiful piano. It's hard to believe that the craftsmanship of this era produced a piano (which in my opinion after viewing thousands of pianos) is one of the most stunning walnut cabinets produced.  It's truly flawless and when viewed in person I feel a loss for words to describe its beauty. Tuned recently by our resident tuner, it naturally tuned to Concertpitch. This piano is an instrument that a beginner, advanced pianist, or a lover of pure furniture craftsmanship will truly appreciate.

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