Restored Richard Lipp, Stuggart, Germany




Restored Richard Lipp, Stuggart, Germany

Serial Number: 33099 (1912 to 1913)

Richard Lipp are world famous German makers, ranking equal in their day to the greats such as Steinway and Bosendorfer. This very rare and highly collectible restored instrument is both exceptional sounding as a ‘Piano’ but also fully functional as a working ‘Pianola’.

The tone is full, rounded, pure sounding, with a strong Tenor and rich potent Bass, a dream to play, responsive and versatile, with great power and presence when required due to its long strings, big soundboard and large acoustic chamber. The original ivory keys are snow white and in perfect condition. The case is French Polished to a high standard and internally the piano action is in superb condition, tuning pins are rock tight, pitch is stable and the entire Pianola mechanism is serviced by Kenneth Jones and Associates, an Irish company with an Opus list of over 180 organs, whose work can be found in Cathedrals, Churches, Schools, and concert halls globally.

We are giving 75 Music Rolls with this piano, some are very rare, so you will have a great repertoire of music to listen to while the piano plays itself. To own a 1912 working Pianola is one thing, but to have one made by Richard Lipp is another, a rarity today.

We have pressure blasted the instrument, lubricated all points and chains, tuned the piano to Concert Pitch, regulated the action, keys and pedals, and French Polished the casing. In every way this instrument is in great shape, with no cracks, damage, woodworm, or problems. It has a wonderful sound similar to a grand piano and is ideal for all levels of piano player, from beginner to advanced level. A true family heirloom by one of the greatest makers of all time.

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