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Steinhoven SU128


The Steinhoven SU128 upright piano in Polished Ebony is the epitome of contemporary style and design. Its graceful rounded edge design and timeless qualities are all you would expect in this fine, truly impressive piano.

The Steinhoven SU128 delivers superb sound quality, pure clear tone and easy to play responsive keyboard touch. The SU 128s unique “X” wooden back frame provides for extra strength and tuning stability.

It is a preferred instrument among teachers for its warm rich tone and responsiveness. An instrument of choice among professionals and music schools for its outstanding performance.

Steinhoven Upright Pianos are available in six different sizes : 112, 113, 121, 125, 128, 133 cm. The beauty and harmony of them will enhance any home. Solid wood construction , iron cast frame , high quality strings, action and brass fittings brings them to the highest standard.

All our Upright Pianos are built to the highest quality with the greatest attention to detail made throughout. They are all available at very competitive prices.


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