White Danemann Baby Grand Piano




Danemann has a long tradition of building superior grand pianos and the DG-152 builds on this heritage. This piano is constructed with a combination of modern production techniques alongside traditional craftsmanship, creating a piano with personality that will enhance any home, studio or educational establishment.

The DG-152 is our introduction model to the grand piano range, ensuring its affordability without compromising on quality.

A warm and rich tone throughout the register along with a consistent, balanced and responsive action makes the DG-152 enjoyable to play for both ambitious novices and more advanced pianists alike. A popular choice for pianists and teachers at home as well as for educational establishments, this model also features traditional details which reflect our long heritage. Solid and well-proportioned legs, traditional shaping on the music desk and lid, and richly toned wood veneer on the inside of the case ensure that the DG-152 would sit well in any setting, from traditional to contemporary.

A soft-close fall is standard, ensuring fingers are protected from accidental knocks, while chiming with the soft-close hinges seen throughout most modern homes. There’s even a choice of brass or chrome hinges and detailing to ensure that your piano fully represents your individual style. The DG-152 grand piano exudes a character and presence that would normally be expected from a much higher priced instrument.

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