Winkelmann Upright Piano



In 1837, Fonder Winkelmann set up the brand in Braunschweig, German. He sucessfully took the advantage of Vienna style and British piano structure, and also developed Winkelmann piano after improving the the string of the quadrate piano. Then winning the Gold Medal in the International Exposition in 1851/London, 1869/Altona, 1877/Braunschweig,1881/Melbourne,1882/Porto alegre,1883/Amsterdam, 1884/Calcutta,1884 & 1885/London,1889/Melbourne.

Winkelmann piano are many artists  popular choice of piano and with the strong demand and increasing fame,the quantity of the musical instruments are constantly increasing. More than 30 of the kings, dukes and the royal family, ordered and used the Winkelmann piano, as their booty and insignia represents the highest glory.

Dimensions:   Height 135cm Length 162 cm Depth. 69cm

Price 3995 euro

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