Yamaha G2 Grand Piano


The classic black gloss case finishes off a smart looking Grand Piano. This model also includes a full sostenueto pedal unlike some its earlier counterparts.

When it comes to Grand pianos, I usually find older European models preferable to the brighter sounding modern Yamahas. However, this Yamaha G2 may prove to be an exception.  Here we have a really nice example of a Yamaha G2 with a lovely rich, pure tone and a nice responsive action. The tone is very nicely balanced across the keyboard and especially pleasant in the middle.

Year of Manufacture: 1978


The Yamaha G2 has a very good amount of power for louder playing but also offers plenty of space in its range for soft dynamics. This is definitely a Grand piano that would satisfy advanced players, requiring a high quality instrument, equally it would make a wonderful starter piano.

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