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Yamaha U1


Height: 121cm
Length: 150cm
Depth: 61cm

Price includes:
10 year warranty
Free Delivery
1st Tuning Free
Adjustable Height Piano Stool



Height: 121cm
Length: 150cm
Depth: 61cm

Yamaha U1 Series upright pianos have long been a leading choice for educational institutions, professional musicians and discerning home pianists. Extra-wide music desks provide plenty of room for sheet music.

Thanks to a comprehensive redesign, these world-standard instruments are better than ever, with numerous advances in materials and construction. Refined scale designs and components improve tonal performance, while other modifications enhance strength and durability. Extra-wide music desks provide plenty of room for sheet music. And the top-of-the-line sets extraordinary standards of elegance and excellence, incorporating concepts adapted from Yamaha grand pianos.

Advanced Scale Design – Refinements in all elements of sound production have given today’s U Series a richer, more resonant voice with evenly balanced timbre across the entire keyboard.
Soundboard and Frame – Special rib configurations add strength to the soundboard, while back post and other advances further enhance rigidity, resonance and structural stability.
Redesigned Hammers – U Series hammers use materials specifically selected for each model to provide optimum tone production, response and long term durability.
Soft-Close Fallboard – A damping mechanism, formerly used only in grand pianos, prevents the fall board from dropping abruptly onto the keyboard, guarding against accidental injury or damage.



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