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Rent To Buy

The primary appeal of renting a piano lies in its cost-effectiveness. Purchasing a piano entails a significant investment, coupled with the uncertainty of whether you or your child will develop a passion for playing it.

Opting for a rental scheme allows you to begin enjoying the piano without the hefty upfront expense associated with buying. It’s a fantastic way to dip your toes in the water and gauge interest without making a substantial financial commitment. Should no one in the household wish to continue playing at the end of the rental period, we’ll gladly retrieve the piano for you at no extra cost.


How It Works

  • The customer is required to pay €150 for delivery, €150 for collection, and the first month’s rent upfront.
  • Monthly rent payments will be deducted via direct debit, facilitated by either setting up the direct debit mandate beforehand or obtaining their signature upon delivery, whichever is preferable.
  • The minimum rental period spans 12 months, after which the customer has the option to return the piano, purchase it (deducting the rent and collection fee), or continue renting.
  • Should the customer choose to continue renting beyond the initial 12-month period, discounts will be applied to the 12 months’ rental and collection fee towards the piano.
  • If the customer wishes to switch pianos after 12 months, a transfer fee of €150 applies. Alternatively, if they desire to upgrade the piano after 12 months, the 12 months’ rental and collection fee can be offset against the new piano’s price, provided it is of equal or greater value (excluding sale pianos).
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Rent To Buy

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